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Are you a professional brewer or geuze brewer?
If so, be sure to contact Horal. We will evaluate your question at a future Horal meeting

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You as a private person or company can help support the operation of HORAL by actively becoming a Supporting Member

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The members of HORAL are producers (brewers and blenders) of lambic beers. The board of directors also contains a few individuals who are active in consumer organisations and the service industry.

However, also you could be a member! HORAL has a group of supporting members. These are individuals, lambic beer enthousiasts, not professional businesses. To find out how you can become a supporting member of HORAL, you can go to our “Supporting Members” page.

Once every 2 years, HORAL organises “Toer de Geuze”, a weekend where HORAL members open their doors to the general public. Some producers also offer the possibility to visit them during the year. You can find more info about this via the member page.

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Yes definitely, every year HORAL organises a Lambic Academy. This is aimed at both enthusiasts and professionals such as catering managers. Lambic Academies are organised in different languages.

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A lambic brewer brews the wort for the lambic beers he produces himself, as opposed to a blender who buys wort from a lambic brewer.

The rest of the production process is similar: both mature the lambic in wooden barrels and blend lambics of different ages (3 months to 3 years) for further refermentation and maturation in the bottle.