Have you ever been asked a question about Lambic beers and you didn't know the answer?

That's about to change!

The Lambic Academy is an educational initiative by HORAL that offers skilled support to anyone who is engaged in Lambic beers at a professional level. This training course is primarily geared towards pub and restaurant owners and their staff.

Your deep knowledge of traditional Lambic beers will become an extra trump card and asset in your pub or restaurant.

During the Lambic Academy session you will learn about the basics including the history of Lambic beers, different producers, their beers, insights into the brewing method, and its characteristics.

Thanks to the many useful tips and practice with serving, smelling, and tasting authentic Lambic beers and the positioning of Lambic beers in the Belgian beer scene, you and your staff will have a solid basis to offer your customers an Oude Geuze or Oude Kriek.


Lambiek Academie

English speaking

Thursday  5th September  2024
at Brouwerij Lindemans


Enrolment is possible until one week before the start of the Academy or until all seats are reserved.

Meet our Speakers


27 february 2023
Place: tbd
Language: Dutch
Time: 9AM – 4PM
Price: € 135, including sandwich lunch and tasting session

xx september 2023
Place: Bierhuis Oud Beersel
Language: English
Time: 9AM – 4PM
Price: € 135, including sandwich lunch and tasting session

Enrolment is possible until one week before the start of the Academy or until all seats are reserved.

Meet our Speakers

Luc De Raedemaeker

Beer and Life: If you have to eat and drink anyway, you might as well enjoy it. This is an important rule of life that Luc learned at home. Born and raised in Brussels, he was quick to appreciate the offerings from our Zenne valley: the Geuze and Lambiek.  
He acquired his taste for beer as a student bartender. And just as all young beer must mature, so the budding connoisseur’s expertise grew as he trained in Belgium and around the world.  
He’s now a lecturer in zythology, chief editor of Bier Grand Cru His début book “The Belgian Beer Book” has been hailed as the perfect guide to Belgian beer and beer culture.  
He’s a regular speaker at food and beer festivals all over the world.  
Luc is also the co-founder and director of the ‘Brussels Beer Challenge’, a prestigious international beer competition. 

Sep Roggeman

Young, ambitious and always looking for a new challenge. After studying industrial engineer biochemistry in Ghent at KU Leuven, he knew. Sep wanted to work in the beer world. In search of his great passion: brewing and tasting lambic and geuze. Not much later, he was able to start working as brewmaster at Lindemans brewery in 2015, looking for new aromas and flavours in lambic. In 2021, Sep took up a new challenge within Lindemans brewery and became ultimately responsible for brewing and blending the lambic beers and has become quality manager.

Since 2018, Sep has also been a lecturer at CVO Brussels where he teaches theory in the “Technician in fermentation processes” course. This involves gaining more insights into malting and brewing beer. In late 2018, the opportunity to teach at the Lambic Academy came up which Sep did not have to think long about. In 2022, the request came to start a new course in Belgium together with Luc de Raedemaeker and others. This involved starting up the Flemish version of the Dutch beer training course “STIBON”. In his spare time, Sep tries to discover many new beers and technologies and for this he visits breweries, beer festivals, fairs and events at home and abroad.


Minimum number of participants: 10, maximum number of participants: 40

Cancellation will only be accepted by registered letter up until one week before the start of the course. After that, the full amount of the tuition fee will be withheld for registration cancellation. If the course is cancelled due to insufficient registrations, you will receive a full refund.